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The Big Brother Myth SOLVED!

Do your employees cringe at the idea of a GPS tracking device and In-Vehicle Cameras in their vehicle? The resistance to “big brother” can be a struggle for employers to overcome and employees may complain about being “spied on” or “a loss of trust.” Some drivers may even threaten to quit if a fleet tracking device or camera is put …

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S911 Lola Receives 4 out of 5 stars

The Reviewers at thought it would be helpful to look over the ST-911 Personal Tracker to see how well it performs. They believed it was a well made product that is perfect for parents wanting to monitor a child or caregivers seeking a senior monitoring solution. They believed one of the best qualities of the product was its ability …

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Distracted Fleet Drivers and How To Prevent it.

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Did you know that only 52% of accidents involving cell phones are actually coded as such accidents? There has been a major issue with continuous cell phone use by drivers that can be distracting and cause accidents or problems while in transport. Did you know that as an employer, the company can be held responsible for accidents caused by drivers …

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A Smart Way To Use Your Tax Returns

As tax season approaches… and you anticipate your tax refund, thoughts run rapid through your mind as to how you should spend your tax money. A good thing to look into would be investing in something that would contribute to increasing safety, protecting your assets, and saving more money in the future! No matter the situation… whether you are a …

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Vehicle Telematics – How it Works & Common Uses

What is a Vehicle Telematics System? Vehicle telematics systems make vehicle information readily available from any capable internet connected device by combining GPS technology, computers, and possibly cellular networks. These systems are generally used in trucks, cars, and logistics vehicles and can also be called “in-vehicle electronics” or “on-board technology.” Mobile Data Transmitting Vehicle telematics systems typically found today have …

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Tracking Your Teen Driver

It’s ten o’clock; do you know where your children are…and how fast they’re traveling? This has been an age old worry for parents of teen drivers. With today’s new technology, it is much simpler than you think.Steps 1. First determine the type of tracking system you will need for tracking your teen driver. 2. There are many types of GPS …

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Fleet Tracking Cost vs. Cost Savings

With the down turn in the economy, the question arises of the ROI of GPS Fleet Tracking. Small business owner, feeling the pinch in lower sales may question do I want to spend the money and track my fleet vehicles.Here are a couple of things to think about.Fleet productivity seems to increase once the drivers know that they are being …

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Asset/Trailer Tracking

Since the inception of GPS Tracking and Fleet tracking, there has not been a unit that can provide large fleet trailer owner with the reliable tracking and scalable management of their trailer fleet. Battery life has long been the Achilles heel of the trailer tracking unit. Many units were very reliable, yet the battery life would last only a few …

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How to Deploy a Fleet Tracking System with Minimal Employee Resistance

If you have concern about how a fleet tracking system will fit with your culture, here is a guide to help you understand the numerous benefits for your

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New Study Reports: Fleet Tracking Saves Money!

“A study published in December 2007 by the Aberdeen Group noted that adopting location-based services results in the following improvements:” 13.2% reduction in fuel costs 19.2% decrease in miles traveled 13.4% reduction in overtime costs 27.4% improvement in fleet utilization 26.1% improvement in workforce utilization 23.8% improvement in service response times Is it time you look closer at tracking your …

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