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The Big Brother Myth SOLVED!

Do your employees cringe at the idea of a GPS tracking device and In-Vehicle Cameras in their vehicle? The resistance to “big brother” can be a struggle for employers to overcome and employees may complain about being “spied on” or “a loss of trust.” Some drivers may even threaten to quit if a fleet tracking device or camera is put …

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Top 10 Driving Distraction Know-How’s

In this day and age we are always in a rush; going, moving, doing, something always needs to be done. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we need. We even start to turn our vehicles into office space, social hub and a food table. With so many distractions out there in the …

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New Break Requirements Causing Most Confusion So Far

New HOS rules have been hard for truckers and fleets to get used to as they were released July 1st, but the most confusing so far has been the break requirements. Also challenging for fleets is getting their data into the safetynet system for the law enforcement data. A better way to collect this data and ensure you are following …

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Diesel prices on the rise for the first time in 6 weeks

Saving on Diesel Prices Diesel may not be on the rise as fast as gas prices has been but its slight increases have affect on all drivers and truckers out there. Safety Track is here to help your company save money with these price increases with our products. The safety track fleet trackers calculates how much gas used at an …

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Improving your fleet safety while cutting costs!

Safety Track GPS fleet tracking is always about ways to improve the safety of fleets and companies across the world. What if we told you that while following our plan to become a safer fleet it could save you money in the long run? Safety Track’s fleet tracking is here to help cut costs on many areas of the business …

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Safety Track Expands to a New Site


Throughout the month of May Safety Track was moving forward into a newer, bigger, better office space to better fit the needs of the growing business. Along with this big move, other forms of the company have been growing as well. Safety Track is proud to introduce a new website that has been launched to show all of their camera products. will now …

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Distracted Fleet Drivers and How To Prevent it.

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Did you know that only 52% of accidents involving cell phones are actually coded as such accidents? There has been a major issue with continuous cell phone use by drivers that can be distracting and cause accidents or problems while in transport. Did you know that as an employer, the company can be held responsible for accidents caused by drivers …

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How Will The Fiscal Cliff Impact Gas Prices?

Every news media outlet over the past several weeks has been buzzing about the fiscal cliff and exactly how much it will impact the people of the United States. While taxes are a key focus of concern there are also several other factors that pertain to the fiscal cliff scenario. One of the more prominent concerns coming up in conversations …

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In Vehicle Cameras – Changing Fleet Management Forever!

In today’s economy, having the ability to not only track your fleet vehicle, but also ride along with them has just made its way to the small business owner. Once too costly to be an advantage to the small business owners, the In Vehicle Camera DVR for Safety Track changes all that. This 2 camera system is easy to install, …

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Five Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Save (and Make) You Money

Saving money is making money, and Safety Track saves fleet companies hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year. These GPS Fleet Tracking units sport numerous features that make tracking vehicles and streamlining operations simple. 1. Use less fuel and stop speeding driversThe EPA estimates that reducing speed by 10MPH increases fuel efficiency by 20%. Our HVAC customers report $150 savings …

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