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The End of 2G is Coming

THE END OF 2G IS COMING! Call Today- 888-286-9829 Prepare Now to Survive the 2G GPS Tracking Apocalypse! Don’t Panic, We Have You Covered Do you track your vehicles with GPS tracking devices? If you do, you could be heading into 2G Armageddon where you keep paying for service while your devices stop reporting. Here’s what you need to know: …

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Want to Ensure a Successful Fleet Tracking Rollout? Follow These 8 Steps

As telematics usage becomes the norm for the majority of fleets, there are certain steps companies should take in order to successfully integrate the technology without any missteps, employee pushback, or loss of service. The following steps will help make your transition as smooth as possible 1. Plan Accordingly Investing in a telematics system can be expensive and does need …

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Lower Fleet Cost Forecast in 2016

Fuel is the largest component of total fleet operating costs. The stability of fuel pricing over the past 24 months has been the No. 1 factor contributing to keeping fleet operating costs flat. Not only that, but lower fuel prices have helped decrease overall fleet expenses. “Lower fuel prices have led to a significant reduction in fleet spend over the …

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6 Trends in Telematics

Telematics is an ever-evolving industry that incorporates the instant transfer of data by way of telecommunications with the “Big Data” potential of informatics. So far telematics has made managing fleets much simpler by integrating routing, geo-fencing, navigation, two-way communications, vehicle diagnostics, and many other invaluable features that provide critical data about vehicles and drivers. Trends in the telematics industry point …

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