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Cadillac’s New Safety Features for 2013: Pulse Alert Seat?

The luxury automaker Cadillac will feature brand new technology in two of their 2013 vehicles, the ATS and the XTS. Both sedans will go on sale later this year. In a recent press release, Cadillac explains that their new safety system will integrate cameras, sensors, and a pulsating safety seat that alerts drivers in the event of a potential collision. The new …

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Ford’s New 125 HP 3-Cylinder 1.0 EcoBoost

Ford Motor Company has released an impressive three cylinder engine that packs a punch. The 1.0 liter alternative to 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter engines packs a punch and doesn’t take the fun out of driving. Not to mention it will save you a great sum of gas money. While not classified as a hybrid vehicle, the turbocharged engine delivers …

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Passive vs. Active GPS Tracking: What’s the difference?

Various forms of GPS vehicle tracking devices exist and are typically classified as “passive” or “active”, so what’s the difference? “Passive” GPS tracking devices store information such as GPS location, vehicle speed, and can trigger events such as start/stop or ignition on/off. When a vehicle returns to a predetermined location, the tracking device’s information is wirelessly sent to a host …

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University of Michigan Reports 20% Improvement in Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy since 2007

The Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan (UMTRI) has concluded that the average fuel economy for passenger vehicle’s in the U.S. is greatly improving, having risen to over 24 MPG for the first time in history. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle, researchers for UMTRI, found that vehicle’s sold in March of 2012 had an average MPG of 24.1, …

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2012 New York Auto Show Features Flying Cars, Fast Cars, & More!

The 2012 New York Auto Show is well under way and is attracting worldwide attention. The show is dazzling attendees featuring a wide variety of new technology including a new zero emissions vehicle, a car that can travel at 253 MPH, and a $279,000 flying car! New Vehicle Pictures This year’s NYAS showcases 1,000 new vehicles from 43 international manufacturers. …

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Automated Self-Driving Cars by 2020 says Former GM R&D Chief

The buzz surrounding Google’s Self-Driving Car has left consumers wondering when this exciting new technology is hitting the road. According to Larry Burns, former head of Research and Development at General Motors, self-driving cars are approaching very quickly. “We’re in this 5 to 10 year window when it’s going to be really exciting… By 2020 we’ll have self driving cars,” …

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Vehicle Cameras Preventing Taxi Cab Theft

Transporting random people throughout large cities, both day and night, can be a very dangerous job. The risk factor is especially increased when each day’s income is on hand. Criminals generally see taxi drivers as easy targets, and robberies are far from uncommon. Unfortunately, the same holds true for violent crimes and homicides. So what can taxi drivers do to …

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Put Your Tax Return to Work with GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet owners and managers have a little extra money in their budget during tax return season, but what should they do with it? How about make a purchase that is going to generate profits year round by reducing labor hours, lowering fuel costs, prolonging vehicle life, and optimizing daily business. The benefits of implementing an advanced GPS Fleet Tracking System …

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Safety Track Recovers Stolen Truck, Saves Ruan Transport $100,000

Ruan Transport Corporation, a leader in the transportation industry, recovered a stolen truck and assets valued at $100,000 using Safety Track’s GPS Fleet Tracking System. A ring of thieves swiped the truck last Saturday night from a LKQ Corp. location in Linthicum, Maryland. Ruan Transport received an unauthorized vehicle notification and was able to track the vehicle to a scrapyard …

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