WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking

WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking

TrailerAsset1The WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking unit is a highly reliable, self-contained, environmentally hardened Device for all your Worldwide Asset Tracking applications. It uses a patented Satellite Communication System to provide a robust, easy to use GPS Asset Tracking answer for the lowest cost in the industry. This self-contained unit has integral antennas and a long life primary battery, plus a worldwide coverage area. Used by the US Government.


WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking – Benefits

  • Use 4 AAA Energizer Batteries
  • High Impact Plastic Design
  • Weather Resistant
  • View Large Inventory of Trailers/Containers
  • Low Start Up Cost
  • Low Monitoring Cost

WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking – Mapping

The WorldWide uses the latest Satellite Technology to provide you with a range of coverage that is offered by no other GPS Asset Tracking System. A long life battery system provides you with years of useage for better peace of mind. Great for containers and equipment. Trailers can be tracked on movement or at a specific time during the day.

Worldwide Satellite Asset Tracking

ST-1000 World-Wide Coverage

WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking 

See all of your assets on one, easy to use, web page. Log into from any internet connected device. Manage all of your alerts and be notified via SMS, emails, or by phone.

Safety Track interface

WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking – History

Mapping2Receive reports daily weekly or monthly. Understand where your assets are with this GPS Asset Tracking Unit.

WorldWide Satellite Asset Tracking – How it Works

Worldwide Satellite Asset Tracking

Using the latest in Satellite tracking the ST-1000 is can provide you with the added knowledge of knowing where your assets are.

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