Health Care Bracelet

ST-911 Health Care GPS Tracking Bracelet 

health care GPS tracking bracelet

The ST-911 Health Care GPS Tracking Bracelet is the latest technology being used to track any person with a health risk.

This unique device is revolutionary  for senior homes, needy children or grandparents left at home. With features such as two-way voice communication, an SOS button which establishes a two-way voice call while sending a text and e-mail, automated tamper detection and notification, several alert options, rugged durability, and many standard features such as real-time GPS locations and geo-fencing capabilities.



Health Care GPS Personal Tracking

Health Care GPS Tracking Bracelet Features

  1. SOS Button
    • The SOS button will call any predetermined number and establish two-way voice communication. Additionally, it will send a text message, an e-mail, and a notification to your system’s web dashboard.
  2. Tamper Detection
    • If the bracelet’s band is cut or opened, a notification will be sent to a designated phone and/or e-mail.
  3. Geo-Fencing
    • Establish a designated perimeter for the device and receive enter/exit alerts if it is crossed. The alerts can be sent by text, e-mail, or to the system’s web dashboard.
  4. Real-Time Location
    • Web-based platform lets you ping the current real-time GPS location.
  5. Alerts
    • Alerts can be received via text, e-mail, or to the web system. When an alert is sent, the bracelet will go into real-time tracking mode until the alert is canceled. Alerts include geo-fence perimeter crossing, g-shock, bracelet tampering, speed limits and more.
  6. G-Shock
    • During sudden movements such as a fall or impact (between 1-5g’s), the device will send an alert via text, e-mail, and/or the web platform. This is an optional feature that can be disabled if not applicable.
  7. Automatic Answer
    • When called, the device will answer automatically in 3 rings and establish two-way communication.
  8. Water/Splash Resistant
    • Now with **WaterBlock™.
  9. Security
    • The device can be secured to a person using a locking mechanism on the band, which also serves as an anti-tampering notification tool.
  10. Battery
    • Battery life is approximately 40 hours,but a daily charging is recommended.
  11. Web Platform
    • The web platform for the bracelet is powered by Location Now, which is state of the art software. This advanced technology utilizes a constellation of 24 satellites offering worldwide coverage to determine accurate locations. Additionally, GSM and GPRS cellular technology is used to connect bracelet information to the web dashboard. The web dashboard displays all data and information in a powerful user-friendly package.

**WaterBlock™ (Optional)

 Waterblock HzO’s proprietary WaterBlock™ is cutting-edge technology that protects valuable electronics from water, humidity, and other liquids. WaterBlock™ gives the ST-911 Tracking Bracelet water protection against accidental splashes and brief submersion.

ST-911 Health Care GPS Tracking Bracelet

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GPS Personal Tracking

Welcome Screen

GPS Personal Tracking

Alert Messages

GPS Personal Tracking

Alert Notification

Single Geofence

Single Geo-Fence

GPS Personal Tracking

Route Sequence

GPS Personal Tracking

Multiple Geo-Fences


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