GPS Personal Tracking

GPS Personal Tracking

From the world’s smallest real-time GPS Personal Tracking Device (Lola) with voice communication; to the security of a GPS Personal Tracking Bracelet, Safety Track offers you the ability to track and locate loved ones. Elderly parents, autistic children or employees who work alone, (real estate agents, social service workers) now can feel safe, knowing that they are online all the time.break

GPS Personal TrackingS-911 GPS Personal Tracking Bracelet – Locate to Protect for Justice

S-911 GPS Personal Tracking Bracelet ST (Security) is a**WaterBlock™ GPS device with security locking band that individuals under house arrest or parole are required to wear. It is also ideal for low-risk offenders or people released on bond.breakGPS Personal Tracking

S-911 Bracelet Locator HC – Healthcare

S-911 GPS Personal Tracking Bracelet HC (Healthcare) can be used to provide the location of patients, physicians, nurses, and police on duty and assist patients unable to communicate due to issues of injury, health or age.breakGPS Personal Tracking

S-911 LOLA – Your Peace of Mind

Lone Worker Protection, Alzheimer Patient Monitoring, Elderly Care Assistance, Real Estate Agents Protection, mPERS

The S-911 Lola is the world’s smallest real-time GPS Personal Tracking Device with voice communication. This small GPS locator is ideal for autistic children, special operations, a family or friend with a cognitive disorder, tracking a pet, or any vehicle/asset. Real-time locations, a powerful web-based system, viewed from any computer or capable mobile device, automated alerting via e-mail/cell phone, geofence boundaries, a variety of reports, and more.breakGPS Personal Tracking

Teen Tracking For Parents – Monitor Your Teens Driving Habits!

To keep your teen safe on the road, installing a GPS Tracking Device in their vehicle will help you monitor their driving habits and keep track of their whereabouts, all while giving you peace of mind.

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