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ELogs – Fleet Management System – Navman

Our ELogs Solution – A Fleet Management System needs to provide you with the tools you need to run your fleet effectively and efficiently.  It must have a Drive Interfaces Device, Engine Diagnostics, Electronic Driver’s Log, and Real-Time Tracking Capabilities. It must have the Lowest Failure Rate in the Industry and be Manufactured By One Company.


  • Real-Time Tracking – Google Maps with Street View
  • Multiple Driver Interface – w/Enhanced Turn by Turn Navigation and Truck Routes
  • Engine Diagnostic Control Module for Real-Time Engine Information
  • Electronic Driver Logs – Elogs for Hours of Service
  • One Manufacturer – One Solution
  • Lowest Failure Rate in the Industry
  • Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

We understand the Trucking Industry’s needs and provide the best in class service, bringing our knowledge of industry standards to you. Let us know what your concerns are and we can offer you a solution that fits your needs.  Call and see why so many use the ELogs – Fleet Management System.

ELogs – Fleet Management System – Reports

reports1ELogs Fleet Management System from Navman gives you, the fleet owner, the ability to maintain and manage your fleet from a new perspective. Not only do you have an award winning tracking system, supported by a staff of over 50 engineers, you have available, some of the latest Fleet Management System tools in the industry. All under one product line.

If you are new to the Fleet Management System market you can take advantage of the most versatile and complete tracking solution today. Safety Track offers you all of the real-time tracking features you have come to expect from a world leading Fleet Management System  manufacturer.

Give us a call to see how we can help you with your questions regarding the implementation of ELogs into your fleet.

ELogs – Fleet Management System – Cost Savings

Cost Savings.

ELD'sTired of:

  • Fines?
  • Drivers Tagged Out of Service?
  • Customer Service Failures?
  • Hours of Service Non-Compliance Violations?
  • Spending Countless Clerical Hours Tracking Fuel Expenditures?

Fleet owners need a way to track and maintain full reports on the number of hours driven, miles and hours. Gone are the days of paper log books with hand-written times. With Safety Track’s Fleet Management System, you will have the ability to track hours/miles driven per day, per week and how much rest time is needed. With your full reporting features, you will be notified when rest time is needed and see hours on and hours off.  The new feature of creating custom reports specific to your needs is virtually limitless. Everything is at your fingertip. This can change the way you do business.

ELogs – Fleet Management System – Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports



ELogs – Fleet Management System – Driver Interface Devices

Samsung1Adding the Driver Interface Navigation System to the tracking package provides the ability to send and receive messages, send driver directions to the next pick up and streamline routing. Complete two-way messaging is only the start. Each unit has the ability to enter in the load spec., weight and payload, thus creating routes for trucks only. Customizable forms are also available to be sent back and forth between dispatch and the driver.

With Safety Track’s ELogs Fleet Management System, you have taken control of your fleet.

ELogs – Fleet Management System – Checklist

ELogs ChecklistWith our Elog Checklist” of things to look for, we walk you through making the right choice.

Call for this simple “To Do” ELog questionnaire to see how easy the implementation of our system into your fleet can be.

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